Worm Farming Benefits

Why Worm Farming?

There are many reasons someone might be interested in worm farming. It is a relatively easy endeavor, can be highly profitable for the time spent doing it, and is often quite satisfying for the farmer.

Although the labor is not difficult and can be performed by most people, regardless of their physical ailments, it is steady and can help a person stay active both mentally and physically when other activities are not available to them.

Probably the most common reason to begin a worm farm is to supplement another hobby such as fishing or gardening (or both). Often, the supplemental hobby of worm farming can becoming an income source to fund the major hobby itself. Many gardeners, for instance, can sell enough worms to anglers to pay for the needs of their hobby gardens. Many anglers can sell enough castings or even worms to gardeners to supplement much of their fishing costs.

In addition to the material benefits to this endeavor, worm farming also has other benefits for society as a whole.

Worm Farming Benefits

First and foremost, worm farming is completely natural, organic, and non-polluting. In fact, any energy used to  construct the worm farm or work it for harvest will be more than made up for in the energy and emission savings the worms themselves are capable of producing.

The benefits to the garden, including the likely replacement of non-organic substances (particularly fertilizers) as well as the benefits to nature when anglers replace man-made (and chemically-based) baits with natural, live worms are tremendous.

While compost is “gardener’s gold”, worm castings are “gardener’s platinum.” For the angler, artificial baits might be technologically interesting and fun, but few things can match the power of a wiggler on a hook.


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